Friday Prompt

Before today’s prompt I’d like to talk quickly about The Dabbler’s progress in its ongoing overhaul. There have been a couple changes around here recently and more are in store. You’ll notice that there’s now a proper link to both the Dabbler’s RSS feed, which will update you every time there’s a new post here, as well as to the Dabbler’s email newsletter, which is separate and will send monthly updates including some personal thoughts on writing and the month’s most popular posts from the Dabbler. Please take a moment to subscribe to one of these feeds if you’d like to receive continued updates from me.

Soon you’ll also notice that my home page will change from this blog to a regular home page. I’ve now written up what’s going to go on the front page and I’m working on the editing and the design. I’m also working on a logo for this site, which I have decided to attempt designing myself, though I’ve decided that I’m also quite happy to go to a professional should my design skills fail to produce something wonderful enough for this blog.

Unfortunately the ebooks I hoped to launch with The Dabbler will not be going up after all, but I will be hosting a giveaway in celebration of my birthday and six years of blogging. Due to the slow process of changing blogging servers and spreading myself too thin between several projects, I haven’t reached 400 subscribers yet, but it’s about time that those of you who have followed me from Dianna’s Writing Den are rewarded for your awesomeness.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, our Friday prompt:

You’re walking down a dark path into a park to meet some of your friends. Upon entering the park you see a young man, hood hiding his facial expression, holding a shovel in one hand and a thick, half-finished candle in the other. You think he is one of your friends, but as you move closer you realize he isn’t anyone you know–and he’s staring at you.

Who is he, what is he doing in the park, and why is he staring at you? Please share the first sentence of your response in the comments below.