Prompt: what are these guys doing downtown?



I was going to post something else today, but then I saw these guys on Queen Street and I couldn’t resist posting them as a prompt.



So tell me–what are these guys doing in Downtown Toronto? Leave the first sentence of your response in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Prompt: what are these guys doing downtown?

  1. Mariela Reiss

    Well, I have to say, the first word that comes to mind is “invading.” As in, characters from the newer Star Wars movies (think “Episode IV, A New Hope”) have landed and are invading downtown Toronto. Those costumes are pretty wild. We don’t get any of that on the Northwest Side of Chicago!

    • Post Author dlgunn

      I feel like if we’re talking Star Wars, they’re closer to those Federation dingbats from Episode I.

      • Mariela Reiss

        You know what, you are absolutely right. I meant Episode 1, but it was the 4th film made. Thus my confusion. Nice catch 🙂

  2. Post Author dlgunn

    Star Wars is a big deal in my family.

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