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Column — The Path to Spirituality at The Oak Wheel

The Path to Spirituality Pt. 1: Growing Up in a Non-Religious Household

The Path to Spirituality Pt. 2: Defining Paganism

The Path to Spirituality Pt. 3: Wicca

The Path to Spirituality Pt. 4: Exploring Ancient Egypt

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My Problem with Short Stories — Penumbra EMag

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Beyond the Veil: Ray Bradbury — Penumbra EMag

How Writers Can Benefit From Publishing Internships — My Name Is Not Bob

How to Get–and Keep–an Internship — My Name Is Not Bob

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Marketing Specialist & Staff Writer at STEAMLabs–Writing blog posts and newsletters about various events. Helping manage social media networks and other advertising channels. Online customer service.

Check out some of the articles I’ve written for STEAMLabs: 

STEAMLabs Needs Your Help!

How the Ontario Power System Became an Example of Alternative Teaching Methods

IoT For Educators

Introducing… Jade Robots!

Scholarships Still Available for our Web Controlled Arduino Summer Camp!

Step Into Web Controlled Arduino Robotics: Day One

Step Into Web Controlled Arduino Robotics: Day Two

Step Into Web Controlled Arduino Robotics: Day Three

Step Into Web Controlled Arduino Robotics: Day Four

Announcing ZerotoStartup!

Check out These Epic Minecraft Projects!

Epic Minecraft Projects: Week Two

Making for Social Change

Maker School: Nothing Like Regular School, Here’s Why

What Can You Make With a Laser Cutter?

Toronto’s Creative Types Share Their Projects in Process At Makerspace Open House

Book Promotions Specialist at Musa Publishing–helped speculative fiction and YA authors organize blog tours and other events, represented Musa Publishing at literary events, and revived The Darkside Codex blog. Check out the columns listed below.

Blogger at Flex Surveys–researching & writing 3-6 short articles per week.

Writing Assistant at Minimalist Marketing–researching and writing blog posts, building marketing strategies, two days per week.

SEO Content Writer at Gilmedia–ghost writing 4-8 short blog posts for small businesses, mostly in the home renovations and real estate industries.

Chase Aden Musician Biography–website biography for local musician.

Blog manager DJiZM Disc Jockey Services–created a regular blog schedule, wrote several blog posts per month and edited web pages.

Columnist Now Hear This Blog(defunct)–wrote two articles per month about writing for the blog.

Social Media Manager Precision Striking–helped advertise blog posts via social media, edited blog posts, helped increase the number of followers on Twitter/Facebook.

Internships to Start Your Career — WritingKid Newsletter edited by C. Hope Clark.

Introducing You to… Toronto, Canada written for Parle Magazine’s online section.

Why Many Sufferers of Mental Illness Don’t Seek Help published by Parle Magazine.


Emma Larkins’ Community Fridays

Patricia Yager Delagrange from Musa interviews me