Where to find great writing courses

Last week I talked about why all fiction writers should take a screenwriting course, and I’ve talked in a more general sense about the power of online courses before.

startup-593324_640So how do you find a good writing course online? There are many different places where you can find writing courses, not to mention courses for every genre and every skill level. And there are courses to fit every budget.

Today I’m going to talk about the three places where I’ve taken online writing courses:

1. The Writing Academy — Run by successful authors Steve Alcorn and Dani Alcorn, there are a variety of workshops and even college courses. The courses are well formatted and affordable. I’ve actually taken a couple courses here–their Young Adult Writing Workshop and more recently the Screenwriting Workshop–and enjoyed them thoroughly. A lot of the topics in each course have been things I’m familiar with, like pitches and three-act story structure, but they’re tackled in an interesting way and the exercises are incredibly useful.

2. Udemy — This website hosts a wide range of classes, including many classes by and for writers. I’ve taken a couple courses here and I like the format. There are also over 200 fiction writing courses on this site, so you’ll probably find something you like there.

3. Coursera — Coursera also offers a wide range of courses, but the courses here are actual university or college courses provided by instructors. Of course, some of these are also writers–it’s worth looking into the instructor before you sign up for a course. I’m currently taking a course on historical fiction and while the instructor leaves something to be desired, the subject matter is fascinating. Oh, and Coursera has another thing going for it–for a small fee you can get a certification to post to your LinkedIn profile.

Did I mention that Coursera is also free? Yeah, it’s pretty sweet.

Whatever you do, don’t just take a writing course to take a writing course, especially if you’re throwing money down. Take a writing course you’re really excited to take. You should enjoy the learning process.

Have you ever taken an online writing course? If so, let me know about it in the comments below!