Boost Your Google Rankings with SEO-Focused Content Writing

SEO Strategist

Dianna helped me get a better understanding of SEO and point me in the right direction. ~ Patricia Lynne, Author

If you want to develop an effective SEO strategy and see your content on the front page of Google, I'm the hired Gunn you need. I offer the following SEO strategy services:

  • SEO audit and suggested strategy report delivered as a .PDF
  • One hour SEO consultation call
  • SEO-focused editing
  • SEO-focused content writing
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Content Writer

Dianna is able to work well with any topic provided and has many fantastic ideas of her own. ~John Lam of Flex Surveys

I can help you write the following types of content:

  • Static web page (Home, About, etc.) content
  • Case studies
  • Blog posts
  • Email newsletters

To learn more about my services and rates, email me at diannalgunn @ gmail.com.