5 Great Resources For Writers

Creativity As September draws to a close the time has come for me to really start planning for Nanowrimo–and to help other aspiring novelists do the same. Next week I’ll be diving into the subject of how to plan a novel and prepare for a crazy month of quick writing.

Of course, not every writer wants to do Nanowrimo. Some people are naturally slow writers, other people are deep in edits, and others simply don’t like the idea. And some of you will simply want to continue reading about other topics.

Since I know you all have different writing processes–and different goals–I’ve compiled a list of writing resources to keep your mind busy while I’m focused on Nanowrimo(after signing up for my newsletter¬†¬†so you can be reminded when it’s over).

The Renegade Writer

Run by successful freelance writer Linda Formichelli, The Renegade Writer is chock full of great advice for writers of all stripes. It is focused on freelance writing, but the time management and productivity themed posts are useful to any type of writer.

I’ve actually been following The Renegade Writer for a long time myself, and I’ve found the advice incredible. I’ve also recently joined The Freelance Writer’s Den, where I’ve made a number of valuable connections and gained a lot of useful advice. The webinars are invaluable and the price is well worth it–even if you just stay for the time it takes you to work through the classes.(Note: I am an affiliate, and you automatically will be too if you join).


Writing-World.com houses a massive collection of articles about all things writing. Their articles cover everything from freelance writing to novels to poetry. It’s one of the most extensive article databases you’ll find where all the information is legitimate, and by the time you’ve read them all, I’ll be done Nanowrimo. No, really. Unless you have nothing else to do next month.

I’ve also been subscribed to their newsletter for a number of years and they have a great combination of useful articles and links to other resources. No matter where you are on your writing journey, subscribing to their newsletter is a great idea.

The Creative Penn

Run by successful author Joanna Penn, this awesome blog has great advice for writers of all kinds. It also happens to be home to a podcast, where Joanna talks about all manner of things, mostly related to writing and more specifically the business side of writing.

I’ve only been subscribed to The Creative Penn for a few months now, but I’m always happy to see Joanna’s name appear in my inbox. Whether or not you subscribe, I’m sure if you spend a few minutes on Joanna’s site you’ll get some useful advice.

Magical Words

I’m sure at some point in the distant past I’ve linked to this blog before. I’ve actually been following Magical Words longer than I’ve been following… Well, pretty much any blog I still follow.

Magical Words was created by a group of speculative fiction authors–primarily fantasy authors–who wanted to shed some light on the processes of writing, editing, publishing, and marketing. They’ve got awesome advice and I’ve read books by some of the authors and quite enjoyed them.

Never Give Up by Joan Y. Edwards

It might sound more like a self help book than a blog, but this is actually a fantastic blog for writers–and realistically creative people of all types. In fact, if I had given more advice about how to build your self confidence, it probably would have included Joan’s blog.

Her blog offers a combination of writing tips, interviews with awesome authors, and encouragement. She’s an excellent blogger who’s truly dedicated to helping writers become authors.

There are dozens of great blogs about writing and marketing your writing work. Hell, there are probably hundreds, maybe even thousands. Each one offers its own brand of advice, and all of them have some validity.

Your search for great writing blogs shouldn’t end here. Take some time to explore what’s easily available online and discover all kinds of authors. Figure out which advice works for you and which advice doesn’t.

I’d love to hear about where your search for great writing blogs leads you.

What are some of your favourite resources for writers? Let me know in the comments section below!