A Collection of Nanowrimo Pep Talks

GreatNanowrimoPep TalksOver the years I’ve done all kinds of Nanowrimo themed things here on the blog, including hosting fellow Nanowrimo veterans for pep talks. This year I’m more focused on other aspects of writing–I happen to be in the middle of edits and thinking a lot about different genres–but I thought I’d compile all the pep talks I’ve hosted here for those of you participating in the challenge.

Ready to be inspired? Read away:

Nanowrimo Veteran Pep Talk This pep talk might not have a particularly original name, but the article itself is chock full of inspiration.

Tips From Nanowrimo Veteran CapnQuirk — Several times Nanowrimo winner and now self published author CapnQuirk shares some tips for success.

A RedParrot Offers Pep — One of my all time favourite guest posts on this blog regardless of time of year, this excellent pep talk uses a mixture of words and silly cartoons to walk you through the process of writing a novel.

Peppy McTalk — Written by long time Nanowrimo veteran and now self published author Dylan Madeley, this pep talk was written for week two but will give you an inspirational boost at any time of the month.

Pep Talk: Sunstreak — Another Nanowrimo veteran who started young and successfully beat Nanowrimo multiple times while in high school(often writing well over 50K), Sunstreak has a lot to say about this amazing competition.

What are you waiting for? Go get inspired!