A Prompt and a Question

Recommended Reading

Today’s recommended reading is about religion and education:

~Fantasy Education Rant: Some General Ideas

~Creating Convincing Religious Characters

Question(s) of the Day:

1. How do people tell time? Do your people have actual clocks? In a more industrial society, your people will probably use clocks to tell time and have things like hours and minutes. (I usually have clocks with hours but without minutes counted in my world) If the majority of your people are farmers, odds are they’ll judge time by the sun.

Perhaps even more important is how they judge months and years. Are years short, each one being just a season? Are months judged by the moon? My worlds usually have ‘mooncycles’, each new month starting on a new moon. How many months make up a year? I usually go for between ten and fourteen. We’ll be coming back to this point. Remember that religion will probably be highly tied in with time-there might even be a religious myth or three surrounding the new year.

2. How much industry is there in this world? Does this world have things that allow them to create things in factory? Does steam power exist? Railroads and the trains that travel on them?

The main question that this brings up is whether agriculture or manufacture is more valuable economically. In our world today manufacturing is where the money is, but once upon a time it was in land and farming. How time based your society is, how well educated, and general quality of life is extremely dependant on industrialization or a lack thereof.

Write 500 words about History from your MC’s point of view and post the first 75 words in a comment.