Apologies and a Final Note

On Sunday night, in a park just a couple blocks away from my house, my boyfriend and I (and a friend of ours) were robbed at gunpoint. I spent a couple days away from the computer and I’ve been too tired to do much other than go to school.

The workshop is over not by choice but by necessity-it’s the end of the month, time to put the finishing touches on your preparations. There isn’t a specific exercise today, but it’s probably a good idea to do a general brainstorm for your story, maybe write down a couple of things you’re sure you want to happen.

Stay tuned for a ‘Why Everybody Should Try Nanowrimo’ post and a ‘October 31st: Preparing for Nano’ post tomorrow and Sunday. And get ready to novel!

Today’s Prompt

Write 1, 000 words from ANY character’s perspective about fear.