April Accomplishments

May is here and the A to Z challenge is over at last! April wasn’t exactly the best month for me but I still did make significant progress on each of my goals:

Submit Moonshadow’s Guardian to publishers — This goal is actually changing. As the second book is developing in bigger and bolder ways than I imagined when I set out to write it I’ve reached a point where I want full control over every aspect of this series. Which, by the way, has now become a trilogy.

I’ve already gotten a quote from a professional editor and will be moving forward with this very soon. My plan is to pay for the developmental editing myself and do it over the next six months, then run a crowdfunding campaign next year(probably in February) to pay for line editing, formatting and cover art. I don’t have a huge platform but it is growing steadily and I believe it’s strong enough to get my first book into the world.

Finish Moonshadow’s Guardian 2 — As I mentioned above, this book just keeps getting bigger, so I’m honestly nowhere near done. I had to throw a lot of my outline out the window and change a bunch of stuff, so I have spent lots of time on it and I am confident this will be the best first draft I’ve ever produced.

Blog Regularly — I did all the A to Z Challenge posts except for one(Z is the one I missed, more on that next week) and I also posted a bunch of interviews on The Steampunk Cavaliers blog. Things are going really well over there and I encourage you to check it out.

And here are this month’s goals:

  • Finish altering things in Moonshadow’s Guardian — I have a couple fight scenes and one conversation to alter, then everything is ready for the editor!
  • Actually finish Moonshadow’s Guardian 2 — To be completely honest, I’m not really sure this is plausible because of how much the book has grown and how many threads I have to wrap up now. Still, I’m going to put a lot of hours into it and it just might happen.
  • Keep blogging regularly — Having all my A to Z Challenge posts planned out in advance gave me time to plan all of this month’s posts, so this one should be pretty simple. I’ll be posting articles every Tuesday and interviews every Friday.

What did you accomplish this month? What are your goals for next month? Let me know in the comments section below!