B is for Book Reviews

B is for Book ReviewsToday is the second day of the A to Z Challenge! I’ll be posting about one letter/word on every weekday in April. Don’t want the barrage of posts? Sign up for my newsletter and I’ll let you know when I start doing new stuff next month!

B is for Book Reviews, the bread and butter of authors.

Writing a loving book review after you finish a great book is like giving the author a hug to thank them for the amazing experience or cool knowledge they’ve given you. Your review and rating on Amazon could be the one that bounces an author up into a better marketing algorithm. It also fills the author full of warm fuzzy feelings and the desire to write more awesome things you can read and love.

As a writer whose blog is dedicated to encouraging other writers to follow the same path I’ve made a conscious decision to only review books I love but if I enjoy a book you can bet I’ll at least take the time to give it a high rating on Goodreads. Books I love will usually get a Goodreads review and a very small handful of truly exceptional novels will get a review right here on The Dabbler.

If you’ve truly enjoyed a book and you want to see more from an author¬†the best way to support that author is to write them a stellar review.¬†Your review might not have as much weight as a review from a big book blog but this is a numbers game and every single reader who loves a book matters, especially to small press and indie authors.

Do you review the books you read? Why/why not?