C is for Caffeine

C is for CaffeineToday is the third day of the A to Z Challenge! I’ll be posting about one letter/word on every weekday in April. Don’t want the barrage of posts? Sign up for my newsletter and I’ll let you know when I start doing new stuff next month!

C is for Caffeine, the favourite fuel of many writers.

Whether you get your caffeine from coffee, tea or soda, if you’re a writer you probably have at least a little bit of caffeine in your daily routine. This is particularly true if you happen to also have one of those full time day job things. Sometimes caffeine is the only way we can get ourselves out of bed to face the day.

Last year I got really sick of the amount of pop going through my house and decided to switch to tea. My tea habit is kind of expensive because I like fruity loose leaf teas a lot as well as chocolatey things with large amounts of milk, but it’s definitely worth it. I haven’t managed to cut the pop habit completely but I have been drinking a lot less and I feel a lot better without all the sugar in my system(I don’t sweeten my tea at all, so it’s a huge difference).

I’m not sure I’ll ever understand how so many people can love the bitter taste of coffee, but I totally understand the need for caffeine. It’s gotten me through many crazy weeks of school, not to mention 9 successful years of Nanowrimo.

Do you start your day with caffeine? What’s your favourite caffeinated beverage?