Introducing Gamemaker Alan Bahr of Gallant Knight Games

Industry Interviews
I am a gamer. I love all kinds of fantasy and science fiction games: video games, board games, strategic card games. Over the years I've enjoyed games of all kinds, sinking the vast majority of my gaming hours into one roleplaying game or another. But one thing I never really did was tabletop roleplaying, mostly because systems like DnD have so many complex rules. So I was delighted to discover Tiny Frontiers, a minimalist science fiction roleplaying game currently running a campaign on Kickstarter--which has already been successfully funded and achieved multiple stretch goals. I was even more thrilled when Alan Bahr, the primary game designer behind Gallant Knight Games(also the game designer behind the Schlock Mercenary RPG), agreed to do an interview here on the blog. As somebody who…
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