EXCLUSIVE Video Readings from Keeper of the Dawn!

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Hi folks! My debut YA fantasy novella, Keeper of the Dawn, came out THIS TUESDAY! I've already done a bunch of Big Exciting Things, including a Facebook Live Q & A (which was WAY less intimidating than I thought it would be), and today I'd like to share one of the biggest, most exciting things I've ever done: video readings of three excerpts from Keeper of the Dawn! The Readings Did you enjoy these excerpts? Pick up your copy of Keeper of the Dawn TODAY!
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Moonless by Crystal Collier

Crystal Collier approached me about reviewing her most recent novel, Timeless, a few months ago when she was first organizing her blog tour, and I agreed to read the whole series. Now, since I picked up all three in ebook format, I had no idea how long any of the books were when I agreed to this, and I was hoping I could read all three of them in time to get the review of Timeless up during the blog tour. Well, it turns out Moonless is a pretty long book, so the blog tour is long over(although I still participated and you can see Crystal's guest post), but I'm still going to review Timeless, and I've decided to review the other books as well. After all, new reviews are good for older books too. Every review counts,…
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Passive Residual Income

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Last week I spent time hanging out with some of my friends. One of the guys there was raving about an energy drink he's currently working as a marketer for. He explained the whole system and was extremely gung-ho about it, convinced we should all give it a try and could become millionaires through the company's system. Some of these companies are legitimate and you can make tons of money, but there are plenty of scams out there too, just like in the publishing world. Still, I didn't say anything about that. What I did say was "thanks for the information, I'm too busy working on writing and editing my books". His response? "That's fair. Books are a great way of creating passive residual income." I didn't say anything, but…
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The Book Tour Blues

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by Joelle Fraser I’m sipping coffee in a cute café in the tiny mountain town of Quincy, California, 90 miles from my home. Tonight is the last signing for my new book, The Forest House. For nearly three months, like a traveling peddler from the Old West, I’ve spent my weekends driving from one town or city to the next. This is my second book tour—and I did it all wrong. My memoir about a year spent healing in an isolated forest retreat is with a prestigious, but small, publisher: Counterpoint Press. My publicist, sweet and professional, set up about half of my “events”—readings, radio interviews, guest blog posts, a college class and a book club visit—and I arranged the other half. What I feel, as I wonder how many…
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