Journal Prompt

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Today's prompt is designed to be a journal entry. Sometimes fascinating things come out when we focus on ourselves. Whether it be inspiration for another story, a story in itself, or just the chance to examine ourselves on a deeper level, journalling is good for us. It doesn't have to be constant. My notebook doubles as an occasional journal, but I've never been able to sit down each day and write something about my life. Instead, I use simple prompts and questions to bring the focus back to myself. I use a place where I've been, a year, a question, an emotion--and I free write. This is the most cathartic writing, and sometimes, it even turns out to be entertaining. So, without further ado, I will send you to your…
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What to do with Your Dear Diary Project

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Now that you've finished your Dear Diary Project, there are several things you can do with it. They range from hiding it in a corner in your basement to trying to turn it into something publishable. But before you do anything with the file or manuscript itself, you need to properly extract all the valuable information from it for later use. Extracting Information for your Dear Diary Project Now, I don't know about you, but my character profiles are pretty messy and I usually don't have much room left on the page by the time I've written a Dear Diary Project for that character. So I like to create a fact sheet, which is a simple list of facts about my character. Things like their favourite colour, what kinds of…
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Childhood Dreams

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Most of us, when we are very young, constantly change our minds about what we want to do with the rest of our lives. Even when we've thought we've decided on something, and we believe we've decided on it for a couple of years, our decision can still change. Some of the things that we want to do with the rest of our lives are perfectly achievable, like becoming a teacher or a nurse. Some of them are harder, like becoming a star ballerina or musician. Sometimes we change our minds because we hear about what it's really like from somebody who's been there, and we don't like it as much as we thought we would. Sometimes we just realize we can't do it, or that there's something else that…
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It’s Tough to be a Writer

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Writing isn't easy. Or perhaps I should say that writing well isn't easy, even for those of us who have an instinctive grasp of grammar and spelling. Fiction is particularly difficult, because you're creating new people and giving them new experiences. A good story is something like a tapestry--made up of many different elements and woven for hours upon hours upon hours. In order to write an amazing book, you need to have a strong setting, strong characters, and a good, non-stereotypical plot. And you're going to have to rewrite, because you'll probably realize that your characters aren't as tough as you thought they were, and your plot's got holes in it bigger than your windows. And after that, you're going to have to rewrite again, because on the first…
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And Now For Something Completely Different

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Today, or sometime this weekend, I would like you to do something completely different--something I'm trying for the first time, too--and write two Dear Diary entries. The interesting part? One will be the character whose diary you've already been working on this month, and the other will be a character of your choosing. It doesn't have to be somebody who will be in the main story you're working on. It might be more beneficial to you if it can be, because you'll get more used to their voice as well, but if it's not plausible at the time you're writing in, don't force it. On this particular day in your character's life, they've met somebody new and intriguing. Have them describe in as much detail as they usually would the…
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Staying Motivated When Life Interrupts

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The last couple of weeks have marked the beginning of school for many of us. Personally I'm very excited to begin the new school year, knowing that it moves me one step closer to graduation and from there I can begin the rest of my life. I'm also excited because I've got some great classes this semester--particularly Aboriginal Studies and Law--but all the excitement in the world doesn't stop me from catching sick. Which is, unfortunately, what happened to me last week. I spent most of the weekend in bed, so this is a very short post. Despite my sickness and not getting much done--I managed to forget my school binder at a friend's house on Friday evening because I was so out of it--I did manage to write a…
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Journalling Prompt #1

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A journal does not need to be simply a recital of facts. Your character's journal should include facts, some every day things and some unusual events, but it should also include many other things. It's your character's space to explore who they are and what they want. Journals can be very therapeutic and can help us all discover ourselves and reach our goals. Sometimes, when we're having a hard time, we need to sit down and really think about what's causing our problems. Not just the surface of it, but what's really behind it--our own deeper issues. Asking ourselves on paper and then responding honestly can help us reach the heart of the problem and find a solution. Your character might not be the type to do this, but then…
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What is the Dear Diary Project?

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The Dear Diary project originated as a very basic idea I found on the Wriye forums. The idea was to write a character's journal for thirty days. The idea was originally dubbed '30 Days in the Life of' but I liked the sound of the Dear Diary Project. I thought it was a great idea, so I did two by myself and then began turning it into a workshop on my old blog to help other writers. It helped me develop my characters on a deeper level and get used to writing in their PoVs. To top it all off, I had lots of fun. During the month of September, I will be running the Dear Diary challenge once again. The goal is to write one diary entry--it can be…
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As writers we are told everywhere, in books and all over the web, that to succeed we must write every day. This is true to a point. Being a fiction writer primarily, I am letting go of the idea that I need to work on one of my novels every day. Going to school and having lots of friends-with a bigger social circle than most other writers I know-means that I don't have time to write every day. It's very easy when you miss a day or two-or a week-to bring yourself down, to feel guilty about not writing. All the time we hear that serious writers work at their craft every day, that they apply butt to chair and work until their fingers hurt. Certainly full time writers should…
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