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Defining success for yourselfSuccess means different things to different people. The media often portrays success as a house, a long-term partner, kids and money. Your family probably has their own definition of success, based on both the media’s definition success and their own feelings. Your friends probably each have their own definition of success too. Even the strange old hermit down the street has her own definition of success. Though success is only one word, it has as many definitions as there are people.

What is true for everyone, though, is that you will never be truly happy if you don’t strive to reach your own definition of success. Too many people go chasing after their parents’ ideas of success, and end up with diplomas and careers they care nothing for. They gain all the trappings associated with success–a well-paying job, a house, a family–but remain miserable because this definition of success isn’t what they really want.

As the year comes to a close, I will be figuring out the steps I need to take to get closer to my definition of success in 2013. The changing of the years is always a good time to think about how you’ve lived over the last year and to find ways to improve upon it next year. And so as I struggle to figure out what the most important things I can do to reach my definition of success, I’d like to help you create your own definition of success and a plan for getting there.

At first it might seem simple, but creating your own definition of success can be difficult. It requires total honesty with yourself, and requires you to abandon everything you’ve been taught about what success is. It requires you to look beyond what society expects you to say and figure out what’s really important to you.

Lucky for you, I have an exercise designed to help you do just that.

Define your own success: An Exercise

First, close your eyes and imagine that everything you know now is gone. The cars have all run out of fuel. The internet and most electricity is gone altogether. Governments are falling apart, one by one.

In this time when the luxuries of the modern era are gone, what is still important to you? Write down everything that comes to mind. These are the things that truly matter to you–the things that would still matter to you even if your circumstances were completely changed.

Now ask yourself what your definition of success is. Feel free to make it as long or as short as you want to. Include everything you can think of. You might want to do this as a free write and time yourself to make sure you aren’t thinking too hard about what you put on the paper.

Once you’ve got a definition written down, look at the list you created earlier. How does each item fit into your definition of success?

If any of the items on your list don’t fit into your definition, that means it isn’t really true to who you are. Now is the time to start editing your definition. Don’t stop until it includes all the things on the list of what is most important to you. A definition that’s missing anything you care deeply about won’t actually make you happy, even if you get there.

Once you’ve got your definition of success, please share it in the comments below. In this case, I’m not just asking this because I want to hear from you–I’m asking you to share your definition of success because sharing it will give the words power. Anyone brave enough to share their definition of success will also get the opportunity to work with me in order to refine it and to create a plan to move towards that success in 2013.

So what is your definition of success?

9 thoughts on “Define Your Success

  • My definition of success is any accomplishment that leaves you fulfilled. I don’t really rate it completely on a monetary or power scale because success could simply be any act, goal, or plan that you carried out that gave your life a little more purpose. For me any day that I can get the kids off to daycare and school, get to work on time, make dinner, check over homework while listening to the recap of the kids and my hubby’s day at work I coin as success! 🙂

    • Michelle,

      What wonderful thoughts on success. I have a feeling, however, that you are talking about individual successes rather than overall success. These are the day to day successes everyone has–and I’ll talk a bit more about these in a future post–whereas what I’m talking about is overall success. It isn’t the feeling of a successful day, it’s the feeling of having reached a successful life. It’s about being where you want to be in life and doing what you truly want to do.

      Overall success is made up of these individual successes. It’s the thing that comes out of all your hard work, out of every little step. But I’m thrilled that you’ve talked about these smaller successes, as celebrating them is just important as focusing on overall success.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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    • Hi Numbers,

      Thanks! I made the site myself, but I’m no web design guru. I do have some familiarity with basic HTML and WordPress is really easy to work with–the overall layout was a free WordPress theme and I uploaded the header from my own personal photo collection.

      Hope this helps!

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