I’d like to announce that this Tuesday I finished the complete rewrite of my 2006 Nanovel, Moonshadow’s Guardian. This project has been through several rewrites and the story has changed drastically over the years. That said, this rewrite was more about splitting up the book into two novellas.

The first half, which has kept the name of Moonshadow’s Guardian, is about a demon named Riana who is summoned to protect the kingdom of Moonshadow. A plague has struck the kingdom-a strange plague which they believe to be caused by Telars, mages gifted with telepathy. Riana’s job is to find out who is causing the plague and to bring an end to it before it kills the heir to Moonshadow’s throne. She has two constant companions-a dragon named Rolf, and the king’s brother Andre, who she falls in love with on the journey.

In the second half Riana colonizes and restores what was once an endless wasteland and is quickly becoming fertile again. She makes many friends along the way-but when the telars strike back, Riana’s life is torn entirely to pieces. The war was originally with a different country, but I’ve decided that it makes more sense-and it’s more interesting-if the war is fought against the telars.

I’m very excited to start editing this project-but every writer knows that you have to let it sit for a while. So in the meantime, I’m going to finish the worldbuilding for Some Secrets Should Never be Known, and then I’m going to start the book.

But first I’m going to celebrate with some good friends and good chocolate…

How do you celebrate when you finish a project?

8 thoughts on “Excitement

  • Congratulations Dianna! That’s awesome news to hear. My husband and I usually go out for a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner), whichever – doesn’t matter. I’m not a dressy-up kind of gal, so it’s also usually low-key…but very nice.
    Chocolate is good, however.

    • I took a nice break and had a lot of fun over the weekend. It’s not necessarily to celebrate the book, but a celebration of any kind is always nice. Being broke, I definitely don’t go too far out of my way to celebrate.

  • Congrats, Dianna! It’s such a good feeling to finish a project — especially a longer, more involved one. Good work! Chocolate is definitely good — and good chocolate is even better! 😉

    • Thanks Jeanne 🙂

      Personally my favourite chocolate on a day-to-day basis are Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. It’s not the highest quality chocolate but filled with peanut butter it tastes like heaven… or what I imagine heaven would taste like… if you bit one of the clouds…

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