Fiction or non-fiction?

I’m always on a quest to get to know my readers better, so today I’d like to hear from you:

Do you read primarily fiction or non-fiction? Which do you prefer reading? Which do you prefer to write?

Answer in the comments below and feel free to ask me a question of your own.

4 thoughts on “Fiction or non-fiction?

    • Hi Charles,

      I definitely hear what you’re saying about non-fiction writers being too dry. Often that can be circumnavigated by writing non-fiction books aimed at younger readers, and I read a lot of blogs because bloggers tend to have a friendlier writing style. (Would we call that a ‘wetter’ writing style if the original problem was the writing being ‘too dry’?)

      Thanks for stopping by,

  • Brianna Soloski

    I read fiction & non-fiction equally, but I prefer to write fiction. Never say never, but I doubt I’ll write a memoir, although I love reading other people’s memoirs.

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