Finishing Our Novels

Some of you folks are very lucky and managed to complete your novel with at least 50, 000 words in the month of November. Others either didn’t win at all, or like me, did win and didn’t finish their novel anyway. To tell you the truth, the mammoth size of this year’s Nanovel scares me. I’ve written up to 300, 000 words before, but that was made up of several different novels. For those of you with similarly terrifying novels, it’s a good idea to try to keep some of the momentum going from Nanowrimo and to try to finish your novel in December.

That said, do allow yourself to take a one day break to celebrate everything you’ve accomplished and pat yourself on the back. If you’ve fallen seriously behind on homework or some other important project, then you might want to take a couple of days to get caught up on those things.

While we’re hoping to finish our novels in the month of December, there’s no need to continue at the same breakneck pace of November. You can spend about half the time–or two thirds of the time, depending on how quickly you want to work–writing in December that you spent writing in November and probably finish your novel. For most of us, 30, 000 words is probably a good amount to finish our novels in.

So this December, why not finish your novel with me? I’m really hoping that 30, 000 words will be more than enough to get me to the end of my story, so that’s my set goal for this month. You can join me in the walk towards 30, 000 words–that’s a little more than 1, 000 words every day if you start today–or a finished novel, and if your novel finishes before the 30, 000 words mark, lucky you.

Will you be finishing your novel this December? What’s your projected finishing word count?

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    • Hi Ann,

      Thanks for stopping by and congratulations on your 35K. 15K is totally achievable in twenty days–you don’t even need to write a full thousand words a day–and with a little bit of luck I’m sure you’ll make it. Oh, and a finished novel? Best Christmas present to yourself ever.

      Thanks for reading,

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