Internet Problems

You might have noticed that the blog has been awfully quiet for the last few weeks. This is because of an ongoing saga with terrible internet. Over the last three weeks we’ve had technical support try a variety of fixes, including sending a technician to our house and replacing our modem. Every one of these fixes has worked for about a day before breaking down again.

This means I’ve fallen drastically behind on everything, including paid work–and lost over $300 because I’m so far behind–and blogging. It also means you probably won’t hear much from me until my internet is actually fixed, because I’m spending my days in the library and have to spend all my internet time–from the moment the library opens until the moment it closes–trying to catch up on paid work.

I hope you’ll bear with me and sign up for my newsletter so you can be informed when the Awful Internet Saga has finally ended and I can start blogging again:

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