Introducing Penumbra

Ordinarily my first post after the end of November would be something about what to do now that you’ve written your Nanovel, and while that post is coming, this year it’s been made to wait. That’s because I would like to introduce you to the other project I’ve been working on all month, the Penumbra eMagazine.

Penumbra is the speculative fiction eMagazine run by Musa Publishing, the ebook publisher I’ve been interning with for the past three months. Since late October, I have been working with a team made up of all of Musa’s interns to make December’s issue of Penumbra the very best that it can be. It’s been an amazing journey from raw story files to a polished and professional emagazine.

Throughout the month we worked together to make basic decisions like story order and ad placement, and we worked with cover artist Lisa Dovichi to make this issue of Penumbra as pretty as it could be. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Vella Munn, author and granddaughter of Homer Eon Flint. It’s been an educational experience and I’m thrilled to be part of an awesome team. Penumbra is just one small part of Musa Publishing, which really is a power house press that I can see going wonderful places very quickly.

You can buy the December issue of Penumbra here.

But that’s not all we’ve been working on. When we were given the task of creating the December issue of Penumbra, our Editor in Chief gave us another challenge: to get Penumbra 500 subscribers by January first. We’ve gotten in touch with a number of bloggers and authors with varying responses–and of course in any situation like this the most common one is none at all–and we’ve begun to revitalize Penumbra’s blog.

In honour of the giving season, we also decided to create a special offer. When you purchase your one year subscription before January first you will receive the first two issues of the emagazine free. The $36.00 subscription is the perfect gift for yourself or any avid reader you know. And how better to reward yourself for completing Nanowrimo than by reading? Because Penumbra is an emagazine, as soon as you’ve bought your subscription, you can curl up with your favourite tea and start reading.

You can subscribe here.