Mission Successful

Last night-or maybe early this morning, who’s paying attention?-I finished the current draft of Moonshadow’s Guardian at about 48, 000 words. I’ve decided to celebrate with a day of watching some interesting anime-a Japanese style of animation, for anyone who doesn’t know-and some chocolate.

Hopefully you’re done editing your work by now, too. If not, get yourself a treat and get back to work. Editing is hard work; you deserve to reward yourself every now and then.

Besides, what comes after the celebration? Why, more work, of course. Next week I’m going to work on editing the first in a series of short stories focused on a couple vampires while I research locations for the next few. I’m going to write as many of these stories as I can this month to help me reach my Camp Nanowrimo goal. I’m sitting at approximately 29K and confident that I’ll be able to hit 80, 000 words by the end of the month.

I’ll also be doing some dialogue and character development exercises both in relation to Moonshadow’s Guardian and here on the blog. Sometime during the month I’ll be adding a few scenes designed to round out some characters-scenes I already have starting in my mind-and once those are added, I’ll be ready to print it up and go through it again. This time I’m confident that most of the changes will be minor, adding and removing words, sentences and occasionally scenes rather than rewriting the whole thing.

Finishing a draft of a novel is a good reason to celebrate. It’s also a good time to stop and re-assess your goals, and make plans for your future. It’s not a good time to take a month off of writing; you have to keep in practice all the time.

Have you finished anything recently? Do you have writing plans for the rest of this summer?

4 thoughts on “Mission Successful

  • redparrot


    Well done on finishing the edits!

    I have finished edits of one of my Screnzies and a variety of other smaller projects – blog at work, some other minor stuff. I’m well pleased at being able to keep up the effort.

    I have more of the same as projects to the end of the summer. Zoinks … it’s August already! I’ve been thinking about Nano already … LOL ….


  • RP,

    Thanks, and congratulations on your own editing achievements.

    I’ve already started research for my series of short stories and I’m pretty excited. It’s nice not to be thinking about a novel-length project for the moment.

    I’m also really enjoying the research-it’s always exciting to learn new things. And although I’ve been too brain dead to think of anything truly blog worthy this weekend, I expect to have posts up on Wednesday and Friday.

    Thanks for reading,

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