What Nanowrimo 2014 will look like on The Dabbler

As you might have guessed from Tuesday’s post, I’ve got some pretty big plans this Nanowrimo–for both myself and this blog. My goal for this blog is simple: I want to create the ultimate resource for anyone participating in Nanowrimo who needs some help along the way.

I haven’t chosen an actual word goal yet–I’m working on some outlines right now and I want to finish them before deciding how far I want to push myself–but I promise you, it will be massive. This is a big year for me, and I’m determined to make this Nanowrimo suitably grand. It might also be my last time aiming for a massive word count, at least for a few years. I really need to focus on editing, and it’s hard to edit a book while also trying to write over 100, 000 words in a month.

I’m sure my ridiculous word count will entertain you at the end of November, but here’s what’s going on between now and then:

The Schedule

October: Planning

The right amount of planning is important if you actually want to complete Nanowrimo. How much is the right amount? Well, that depends on the novelist and the novel in question, but no matter how much planning you need to do, I guarantee you’ll find some useful advice and exercises here next month.

You’ll also find three posts a week: an exercise each Tuesday, advice from a published Nanowrimo author every Thursday and a resource list on Sundays. Planning a novel is hard work, and I’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

November: Writing

In November I’ll be going back to posting twice a week because I’m going for a massive word count. There should be a couple guest posts to help you stay inspired, just in case the weekly pep talks Nanowrimo sends you aren’t enough to satisfy.

This November you’ll get some inspiration, tips and tricks every Tuesday and a word count update every Thursday. The word count updates will be brief but keep you informed and keep me accountable.

If you’re not interested in hearing about my Nanowrimo adventures or writing a novel, sign up for my newsletter to be reminded when I return to discussing freelance writing.

Otherwise, let’s have a fantastic fall together!