Nanowrimo Veteran Pep Talk

Bethlyn Today I have a special treat for you as we close in on the end of the month, a pep talk sure to get you back on the writing treadmill from a Nanowrimo veteran who happens to be a good friend of mine.

Please give Bethlyn Bechtel a warm welcome.

Hi Nanoers!!!!

Oh gosh. Nano is ALMOST over!! You’re almost to the end of this INSANE war against words….and you see that you aren’t done yet. You’ve had to deal with school or work or kids or wisdom teeth being yanked after a horrible toothache. Or some other such horrible distraction.


That’s me. I’m not done yet, either. If this was last year, I would have been done. I’ve done this! I can do it! BUT: no words want to play with me this year! NOOOO! So it is a WAR instead of playtime!

You know what? We CAN do this! We CAN beat those words into submission and FINISH THIS!!! We can do it!

You know why?

Because we have ALREADY WON!!!! We have battled through the words and come out with something! Whether or not we have hit 50k or only 25k or a mere 5k, we have something and that right there is something to be proud of.

Should we give up on the 50k (or 200k or 1million) words we strive for? NO!!!!! But now, lets take a deep breath and remember WHY we started this war in the first place.

Was it REALLY to write 50k words? or was it to have FUN?

Well for me, it was to have fun! Fun writing stories, fun with all my writing friends, fun being a part of acommunity of like minded people who make me feel like I belong.

SO let’s take a DEEP BREATH. Come one. Breathe in! Hold it

5…4…3…2..1..thats good, now let it out….

and let’s write for FUN. Forget about the word count right now. Take your story into a place that doesn’t show you your word count and just write. Write out your story, leave your heart and soul on the page. LIVE your story and have fun! Let yourself flow into the place of you MC and BE the MC. Take it all in and enjoy writing. BEcause I bet, 50k or not, you will feel very happy withyourself for doing so because you have accomplished something all the people who never bothered to start nano can never claim to have done.

You have written a story in a month! it may or may not be a complete rough draft, but it is a STORY and you are awesome.

NOW get out there and finish that story! Because where that story ends, a whole nother adventure begins…and around here, that adventure could easily be your own adventure into the world of publishing and that is a grand thing to strive for!

See you on the other side!


P.S. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! YES YOU CAN!!! IF YOU CAN’T DO IT, NO ONE CAN!!! And, well, we KNOW others can because they have done it so therefore…it proves that since if you can’t, they can’t, that since they already DID you CAN. Logic in action 🙂

Ok that was my pep talk, you are gonna want a bio or somthing so here goes:

Bethlyn Bechtel is a third year Wrimo who has high hopes of publishing her first Nano Novel in the near future. She is a fun loving, gal who proudly struts around to the motto “I embrace my inner adult and let my outer child shine!” On a typical day you can find her scribbling away in her journal, playing with a virtual pet online, reading a book, or playing silly games with her girls, among other things, and you rarely will find her at a loss for imaginative ideas (whether or not they pertain to the current topic!)