Progress Report

I kind of got derailed last week with asking questions but this week I’d like to get back to accountability. Since we’re talking all about achievement, let’s go over how I did in the short month of February.

Edit Moonshadow’s Guardian– Thanks to getting a job and starting a new after school program this month–with the promise of two more by the end of March–I’ve been super exhausted, but I’ve got a proper plan of attack and I don’t have school next week, so I expect there to be a lot of progress this month. I’m really frustrated that it hasn’t gotten done yet, but it’s a project that’s not going to bring me any income any time soon even if I hurry, so it’s less of a priority.

Launch 10 Commandments–- I wrote up an intro and conclusion to this, and then realized it’s part of a bigger book. So I’ve created an outline for the book and I’m building around what I already have.

I didn’t make any notable progress on my other goals for the year so I’m choosing not to list them at all this month. Unfortunately I’m only one person and I can only split myself in so many directions at once, so I’m focusing on these two projects and blog maintenance.

This month I’ve made some big commitments to things that have nothing to do with writing, but which will help me grow as a person. I made these commitments because I know that writing can’t be my only focus. I’m graduating this June and moving out soon after that. Having a small but steady paycheck will ease my mind about money, and working part time in the summer will allow me to work on my writing full time. It’s important to note that this job–and the other programs I’m starting, two of which end in June–won’t be impeding my writing in a few months. In a few months I’ll have all the time I need to write during the day.

So this month’s report on a writing scale is mildly disappointing, but amazing things are shifting in other areas of my life and I’m still confident that I can complete everything on my list for this year–and probably a few things that didn’t make it onto my list.

How much progress did you make towards your goals in February?

6 thoughts on “Progress Report

  • Brianna Soloski

    February was a crazy month and I didn’t make good progress on my goals for the month. However, March is shaping up to be much better.

    • Hi Brianna,

      It seems a lot of people found February hectic–perhaps it’s because it’s a short month? Either way, February is over and it’s our job to make sure we work hard this month to make up for the last one.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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