R is for Rewriting

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R is for Rewriting.

We knew we had to come to this word eventually, the same way serious writers know eventually their work must be rewritten. In most cases, it must be rewritten over and over and over again. The novella I recently submitted has been rewritten at least thirty times and was originally a short story. Moonshadow’s Guardian, the novel I’m about to start sending out, has been through over a dozen edits, most of them full rewrites.

Some writers adore rewriting. I think they’re nuts(yes, more nuts than the average writer). A handful of writers are neutral, accepting rewriting as a necessary part of the process. Most writers, at least most of the ones I’ve talked to, hate rewriting. We all know it’s necessary and we do get through it, but boy is it tough. At times during the rewriting process I really loathe both my story and myself. To be honest I’m not even really sure how I push through it, though I know the handful of writers I talk to about these things certainly help.

What I do know is that every project I work on needs a little less rewriting than the last thing I wrote and every edit brings my work that much closer to success. No matter how I feel about my books in the middle of rewriting I know I will feel better about them at the end of each rewrite. The process is painful but it’s worth it, because with every rewrite the books are closer to being what I want to send out into the world.

How do you feel about rewriting? Got any interesting tips or tricks? Let me know about them in the comments section below!

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