Reflecting on the A to Z Challenge

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I did it! Well, mostly.

The A to Z Challenge is a crazy challenge to write 26 blog posts, each one about a word starting with a different letter of the alphabet, during the month of April. It means blogging every day except for the Sundays during the month, which is the most I’ve committed to blogging during any month ever. And I did it, except for the bit at the end where I waited too long to write my Z post and didn’t have time to do it on the actual day because I had about 50 million other things to do(or, more accurately, three things which involved a buttload of travel time).

It was a lot of fun and despite not getting as many comments as I hoped to see during the challenge(or making it to as many blogs as I wanted to) I have already started planning out next year’s challenge, which will relate directly to the Moonshadow’s Guardian series and so will be much easier to complete. Also because I decided to do it now rather than in February next year.

Some of (in my opinion) the best blog posts I wrote this month were H is for Hope, I is for Illumination and Y is for You. These words definitely made me think, especially since I wasn’t in the brightest place mentally this April. Hopefully next year my inner struggle will be less exhausting so I can focus more on commenting on other A to Z Challenge Blogs.

All in all this challenge is a great one and I think any blogger who wants a structured challenge that will help them be more productive and connect with other bloggers should give it a chance. Of course at this point you’ll have to wait until next year, but that does men you’ll have plenty of time to plan!

All of that said, I’m glad to be returning to my regular posting schedule of two posts a week with articles on Tuesdays and interviews on Fridays. I have lots of exciting interviews planned with writers of all kinds going well into June and even a couple authors who have asked for dates in the summer.

3 thoughts on “Reflecting on the A to Z Challenge

    • dlgunn

      It is a huge challenge to tackle on top of daily life & finding blogs on the list where I felt like I could actually contribute to the conversation was a big part of the challenge. I also noticed that a lot of the most successful blogs(the ones that received the most comments) were doing daily poems, which I think says a lot about who is actually participating in the challenge.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • April was also poetry month – I guess those people are just overachievers, squeezing in two challenges into one month ;-)))

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