Religion 101

Religion is an important part of our world and our history, and it will probably be a major factor in yours as well. Religion is used both as a tool to liberate and as a tool to oppress all kinds of people throughout history and even today. It’s used as an excuse for various wars that are really about land and resources.

People have a great need to believe in something greater than themselves, especially people living in rough times. Those who endure the most suffering often have-and really need-the most intense faithfulness. As living conditions for people in general get better we stray away from religion and find different paths, some along various spiritualities and others in science, but most of us have a spiritual root of some kind.

Today’s exercise is to create a Basic Religious Profile for each of your major Gods/Goddesses. The Basic Religious Profile is very similar to the Basic Character Profile with a couple tweaks obviously designed to accomodate the Gods’ special status in our worlds.

Basic Religious Profile

Age: (When the deity first appeared in myth)
Preferred Gender:
Preferred Height: (Most deities have multiple forms; the physical description in this profile is designed to only include one form)
Preferred Weight: (Ballpark figure here…)
Distinctive Facial Features: (Eyes, any scars they like to have, high cheekbones and narrow noses or otherwise)

Personality: (A few sentences about their personality in myth, then their personality as it applies to the story)

Religious Orders: (Which temples follow them)

Basic Mythology: (Deity’s birth, general reputation, possibly a couple specific stories, general interactions with other deities)

Today’s Prompt: write 500 words from your villain’s PoV about happiness and post the first 75 words. (If you don’t have a villain, use any side character you do have.)