Renewing the Self

I’m sure you’re all aware that I live in a city, a ‘great urban center’ known as Toronto, Ontario. I do love my city dearly, but I tire of it after a while. I get tired of the daily rush, of the TTC, of the people all around me. I get tired of the big buildings and the poisoned lake. I get tired of the drama, and I get tired of the drunks and drug addicts covering the streets with their trouble.

We all get tired of our daily lives from time to time. We fall into ruts, we let life carry us away, and sometimes the stress builds until we’re sick not just in mind but in body as well. And we never slow down to help ourselves, to sort through our mental stresses, to enjoy the simple beauty of the world all around us.

Tomorrow I am leaving this great urban center in favor of a small town with a big river and nothing to do. I’ll be gone until Sunday afternoon, so there won’t be any posts until Monday.

How do I intend to renew myself on this journey?

I’m going to take a walk through the trees Thursday night and meditate with my feet in the river Friday morning. I’ll wander through the town until I’m hopelessly lost and then text my friend for directions back. I’ll sit for a few hours and write with nobody around and nothing but the forest and its life to keep me company.

What am I going to write?

I’m going to be working on back story for my current Story of Choice (SoC?), the tale of the kingdom of Llyr. I’ll probably do a brief write up of the history of Llyr and brief write ups of a couple important characters. I’m also going to do one last paper edit of Good Bye, and I’m hoping to get some work done on my newsletter and my workshop for next month.

But most of all, I’m just looking forward to having my phone off and not hearing a word from the city for a couple of days.

How do you renew yourself?