Review: Earthly Forces by Kevin Hopson

Kevin Hopson is an up-and-coming MuseItUp author. Some of you may remember when I interviewed him or when I reviewed his first short story, World of Ash. Today I’m very proud to review his second work, Earthly Forces.

When their friend disappears on a small lighthouse island, two fishermen try to find him before becoming victims themselves.

Overall Rating: 7/10 -Worth Reading

As a Reader:

As a reader I quite enjoyed this story. It’s difficult to write a full-length blog post reviewing a short story, particularly one that you really enjoyed reading. As a reader this story does leave me wondering quite a bit about the forces at work here; part of me would really like to know what’s going on at a deeper level. The ending of this story was well-written and did complete the story quite well, but it also left it open for a new story to be built on top of it. I look forward to reading more of Kevin’s work.

As a Writer:

As a writer I still enjoyed this work and I would still recommend it. There were some things I would have done differently-there always are-and a couple of things which I didn’t particularly like. I like the concept of Kevin’s previous story better-it’s a somewhat less common and more interesting idea-but this story shows that he is growing as a writer. He’s very good at writing a two-person dynamic between friends; I look forward to see him expanding into larger groups-or perhaps detracting into a one-person story.

Overall I’m quite pleased with this story. I look forward to reading more-not just of Kevin’s work but of other MuseItUp books.

You can buy Earthly Forces here.

Read any good books lately? I’d love to hear all about them.