SEO Strategy Consultation Packages

SEO Regular

"Dianna helped me get a better understanding of SEO and point me in the right direction. Her suggestions helped a lot and I look forward to seeing improved results from her help." ~ Author Patricia Lynne,

If you know you need Search Engine Optimization to make your content marketing more effective but you don't know where to start, I'm here to help. I've worked as an SEO strategist and SEO-focused content writer and editor for various tech companies and non-profits since 2011, and I want to show you the keywords and strategies you can use to succeed.


The SEO Audit is a one-time consultation for small-to-medium sized businesses who want to develop an effective content marketing strategy.

Here's what you get:

  • SEO Intake Form - This form gives me all the information I need to do a comprehensive, personalized SEO audit. The form is also designed to help you start thinking about SEO in a useful way. Intake forms will be sent upon receipt of payment. 
  • Comprehensive SEO Report - A .PDF report with an evaluation of your current SEO, a collection of suggested keywords for your author brand, and strategy suggestions to help you gain visibility for those keywords. The report will also include links to a variety of SEO resources for further learning.
  • Email Follow-Up - Have questions about your SEO report? Email them to me and I'll answer with as much detail as possible, as soon as possible. I will answer up to five follow-up emails about your SEO strategy.

I do a limited number of SEO Audit Reports each month. Email diannalgunn @ today to find out when my next availability is.


This SEO consultation package is ideal for businesses who want more hands-on guidance in developing their overall SEO strategy.

With this package you get:

  • The full SEO Audit Report package - We will use your SEO audit to establish what must be covered during your coaching call.
  • One coaching call - One week after you receive the SEO audit report, we'll have an hour-long coaching session to discuss your SEO audit report in more detail and develop a long-term SEO strategy for your business. Please note that all coaching calls will be done via Skype at this time.

I only do two SEO coaching calls per month. Email me at diannalgunn @ to find out when my next availability is!


This option is ideal for businesses that want hands-on help to implement their SEO strategy after it is complete.

With this package you'll get:

  • Everything from the SEO Audit + Coaching Call Package - This will be our preliminary work together.
  • A detailed SEO marketing plan - This document will contain SEO content guidelines for you and anyone else who publishes content to your website.
  • Monthly check-in calls - One half-hour call per month for up to three months after your initial coaching call. These calls will focus on questions you have during the implementation process.

I only take on 3-5 long-term SEO coaching customers per year. Email diannalgunn @ for availability.

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