So Who CAN Write 10K in 4 Hours?

You’ll probably remember the insane challenge I posted last month to attempt to write 10K in 4 Hours. I originally promised to post a list of everyone who succeeded here on my blog, but after attempting the challenge myself and realizing that it’s much harder than I remembered, I decided to post the usernames and final word counts of everyone who dared attempt this with me. This is because I realized that just like in Nanowrimo itself, anyone who even attempts this crazy feat is a winner–and incredibly enough, all of my brave participants won Nanowrimo itself and therefore deserve a huge pat on the back.

And so here is the long awaited list of brave champions who dared try writing 10K in 4 Hours, divided into two–the brave participants and the champions.

Brave Participants

RandomChaosElement–4, 273
Wulfae–6, 905
WnGoddess–4, 000
Litharukia(me)–8, 910

Sunstreak–10, 000
Moogle99–10, 001
EliteGundam–10, 385

Congratulations to everyone who participated! Whether or not you made it, remember that you are a winner–and that there’s always next year.