Guess what? I’m a steampunk blogger

theglasssealingI’ll admit, there’s no interview here today because I got distracted doing about a thousand other things: preparing for three book releases in the next three months, celebrating the release of The Caelimane Operation, editing one of my own manuscripts, starting a column on The Oak Wheel and writing guest posts for multiple other blogs.

But none of those things, as exciting as they are, are what I really want to announce today. I’ve also been working hard to revive the blog associated with The Darkside Codex. I’ll be posting a weekly column called Steampunk Musings and sharing both my thoughts on steampunk and interviews with fantastic steampunk artists.

Today is also your last chance to win books from The Darkside Codex blog, so head on over and check it out!

Direct links to Steampunk Musings articles:

The True Appeal of Steampunk

Meeting The Tinker’s Daughter

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