Summer Schedule and Vote on a New Blog Name

As I mentioned on Friday, there are going to be many changes around here over the next few months. The first thing to change will be the schedule.

For the next two weeks, I will continue at three posts per week. This week I will be writing all three posts myself. On Friday I’ll be introducing the ebooks I plan to release this year. Next week I’ll be choosing a blog name and a great article about book tours by Joelle Fraser will be going up.

After that there will only be two posts per week, on Mondays and Fridays. There will be occasional interviews and guests when people approach me, but I simply don’t have the time to find contributors anymore. I will always accept articles from other writers, and in the new blog I hope to have a regular contributor or two. At this point, however, it looks like there will probably only be one guest article this month.

I will also still be taking one week off a month. This month that week will be the 17th-21st. The week will be devoted to working on all my book length projects.

After that, Mondays will be used for in depth articles and announcements of future changes, and Fridays will be devoted to writing prompts and exercises.

Now, what you’ve been waiting for: potential domain names!

I spent the weekend brainstorming potential domain names, and I’d like you to vote for your favourite–or suggest a new one. The official domain name will be chosen next Monday. The one with the most votes wins. Voting ends Saturday night.

These are my ideas:

  • Every Writer’s Den or All Writers’ Den–more community based versions of this blog’s name, implying that it belongs to all writers
  • The Committed Writer(s)–based around commitment and community. With or without the S.
  • The Serious Writer–I thought of this one because it relates to the ebook I’m currently editing, The Ten Commandments of the Serious Writer.
  • Genre Crosser(s)–I’m the kind of writer who dabbles in every format of writing and every genre, and I get the sense many of you are the same. I’m not sure about this one however as it sounds great but sounds like more of a fiction blog, whereas I want this to be a haven for writers who dabble in everything, including non-fiction.
  • The Dabbler– For someone who dabbles in everything… To represent that I can never be constrained by one format and genre and to give help to other writers who feel the same way. This one’s my personal favourite.
  • Much Ado About Writing– Suggested by Eric Cameron. Thanks Eric!
  • To weigh in on what you’d like the new name for this blog to be, tell me which one is your favourite and why in the comments below. Your feedback is always appreciated, and it’s still not too late to suggest a new name.

    All new names suggested before Friday will be entered into the vote.

    14 thoughts on “Summer Schedule and Vote on a New Blog Name

    • Douglas J. McLeod

      I was going to vote for The Dabbler, but after seeing Eric’s suggestion I’ll go with “Much Ado About Writing,” as well. Since it will be a showcase for writing by yourself and others, I feel it’s a more than apropos moniker.

        • Hi Jill,

          It certainly isn’t me, thanks for pointing that out. They don’t actually have the domain name though, so that’s open to me, but now I have to decide whether or not it’s acceptable to take her site name. Hm.

          Is there another name you’d like to see or suggest?


    • I kind of like Dianna’s Writing Den. You don’t like it? How about Write with Dianna (I just read your “about me” so this one probably wouldn’t work). How about Dianna Writes? Write with Me? Dianna’s Writing Desk?

    • Hi Jill,

      The reason I’m looking at getting a new blog name is because I’m trying to refocus this blog to be more of a community, and to be less of ‘my place’ and more of ‘our place’, which is why I’d like to leave my name out. While I love Dianna’s Writing Den, I’m not sure if it’s the right feel for the level of community I want to foster here.

      Of course, your vote has still been counted.


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