So Who CAN Write 10K in 4 Hours?

You'll probably remember the insane challenge I posted last month to attempt to write 10K in 4 Hours. I originally promised to post a list of everyone who succeeded here on my blog, but after attempting the challenge myself and realizing that it's much harder than I remembered, I decided to post the usernames and final word counts of everyone who dared attempt this with me. This is because I realized that just like in Nanowrimo itself, anyone who even attempts this crazy feat is a winner--and incredibly enough, all of my brave participants won Nanowrimo itself and therefore deserve a huge pat on the back. And so here is the long awaited list of brave champions who dared try writing 10K in 4 Hours, divided into two--the brave participants…
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10K in 4 Hours?

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At my best, when I took this challenge, I reached the 10K easily. The first two or three times I did it, I wrote a little over 12K in the four hours I had been assigned. This Saturday, I devoted four hours as fully to writing as I was able--and I wrote 8.9K. I'd already been feeling slow this year, but this challenge really brought it home for me. I just can't keep the pace I used to. So what changed? It's not that I became a slower writer. I still type just as quickly as I did then. My story is falling from my fingertips as easily as any novel ever has--maybe even more easily at times. What changed is not my typing speed or my level of inspiration.…
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