What have you accomplished this year? (Giveaway Included)

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Tomorrow is all about celebrating the new year and the opportunity to spend another 365 days improving your life, but today is about celebrating what you accomplished this year. Today I'd like you to take 10 minutes to write down everything you've accomplished this year. Write down anything and everything you think of, writing related or not. After 10 minutes, take a look at your list. Is it longer than you expected? Are there a few big accomplishments that you'll be proud of for years to come? Have you made big strides towards a successful writing career? Lost weight? Stopped smoking cigarettes or eating so much fast food? In 2014 I edited two novels, blogged regularly, created a booklet of 110 free novel planning resources for anyone who subscribes to my…
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What have you accomplished this summer?

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Summer is drawing to a close and it can be easy to look at all the things you planned to do that didn't happen this summer--let's be honest here, everyone has something--and get depressed about your lack of success. However, if you take the time to think about it you'll often discover that you've accomplished quite a lot, just not the things you originally planned to accomplish.  For example, this summer I didn't get much freelance work, frankly because I didn't put that much effort into it. Instead, I finished editing Moonshadow's Guardian, edited one short story and am almost finished editing a second, put one non-fiction ebook together and started on a second one, and outlined a second draft of my 2011 Nano that I plan to start working on…
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