Why I Interview Authors

Author Interviews
I started interviewing authors not long after I decided to blog about writing. At first most of the authors I interviewed came from MuseItUp Publishing, at the time a brand new Canadian ebook publisher. These days I work with authors from numerous small presses, mostly Musa Publishing, and interview the occasional self published author. Why I originally started interviewing authors I'll be honest: when I started interviewing authors, my intentions weren't exactly noble. I was struggling with severe depression, and creating my own content week after week became exhausting. An entire article would feel impossible, but a handful of questions sent out to an interesting author? That felt easy most of the time. Back then I participated in the Muse Online Writers Conference every year and I was part of…
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Karina Fabian on Surviving the Submission Process

Guest Post, Novels, Preparing to Submit
Today I'd like to welcome Karina Fabian, author of several ebooks across different genres. I've interviewed her here before and today she's joining us with a guest post to discuss the submission process and celebrate her latest novel, Live and Let Fly, to be released on April 20th. I hope you enjoy. I’d like to thank Dianna for hosting me on the Live and Let Fly book tour. I’m especially excited about this one because it was a long time coming, and when she asked me to write about the submission process, I’m not sure she knew what she was getting into! Live and Let Fly features a snarky dragon detective, Vern, and his partner, the magic-slinging nun, Sister Grace. I’ve told many of their adventures in short stories and…
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