Preparing for Your Blog Launch

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For the last few weeks we've been talking about the process of creating your own blog, from choosing and testing a blog topic to the design of your blog to creating a coherent marketing strategy for your blog. If you followed my suggestion and have written a blog post every day since you started planning your blog, you've got about a month worth of posts ready to go--and it's time to start thinking about your blog launch. When planning your blog launch, there are three important questions to ask yourself: What should my first post be about? You want your first post to give readers an idea who you are and what your blog's about, but don't leave it at just that: you want your first post to touch on…
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Creating a Plan B

Every blogger--or other writer who's actually expected to produce something regularly--should have a plan B for when things hit the fan. Rather than a small white pill, the plan B for a writer should be a back up of writing: a collection of spare blog posts, article drafts, half-finished fanfiction chapters ready to be rounded out at any moment, or whatever else you're expected to publish on a regular basis. I haven't always been the greatest at this. For the last two weeks I've missed blog posts due to crisis situations--and because I didn't have a plan B. I should have had at least three spare blog posts on hand. I didn't, and therefore my blog sat unloved for a day. So last week, instead of beating myself up over…
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Starting Different Projects

Editing: The Hard Part, Novels, Writing
My writing has hit a low point over the last couple of weeks. It would seem that it took a blow after I finished Moonshadow's Guardian. The story had me completely entranced, and I'm already eager to begin the first rewrite. Currently I am playing the waiting game-with plenty of school work to distract me in the meantime-because I know that you should never start editing right away. However, rewrites are going to begin sooner than I originally planned; I need to rewrite this story, to make some very specific changes to it, to get it out of my system. Some Secrets Should Never Be Known, as much as I love the story, will have to take the backburner for now. I know that I cannot currently give it the…
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