Why you should blog about anything but writing

Starting a blog is a great way to build an author platform and a great way to show potential publishers and clients how serious you are about writing, but your blog shouldn't actually be about writing. I'd even go so far as to say your blog should focus on anything you're passionate about except writing. As serious writers dedicated to building a career from our craft, we spent a lot of time thinking about writing. I follow half a dozen blogs about writing and I've read some great books on the subject. I've participated in Nanowrimo and other writing challenges numerous times. Writing is at the center of my life, so it seemed natural to blog about writing. You probably feel the same way. If you sit and think about…
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Progress Report June 2013

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It's June now, meaning it's time to do two things: analyze how much progress I made towards my goals in May, and make my plans for the summer. Let's start by taking a look at what I've accomplished towards my various goals: Editing Moonshadow's Guardian-- Last month I edited exactly six chapters and 42 pages. I should be finished editing before the end of this month, and I am going to start looking for beta readers this month. There's less than a hundred pages to go and I'm thrilled to be this close to the end. So far, June's looking pretty good month as I've already edited three pages and written a new chapter. I'm going to spend the next two weeks in a marathon with a goal of finishing…
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The Design of your Blog

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This weekend an unexpected trip out of town without my laptop saw to it that my post didn't make it from notebook to Wordpress until now, and reminded me why I need to have back up posts scheduled here. But today, although having a back up plan is important, I'd like to talk to you about the design of your blog. Blog design is incredibly important. You want your design to draw people in and to make them want to come back. Think of your blog like an online writing profile: you want it to look friendly and professional but still true to yourself. Clashing colours, distracting background images and unusual fonts that don't read well across all browsers can all keep people from coming back to your website. Many…
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Blogs that Pay for Guest Posts

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Today, as I've spent the last week and a half frantically looking for freelance writing jobs in light of a recent decision to move in with my boyfriend, I've decided to break from the norm and mention three blogs that pay for guest posts. Most of the blogs I've found that pay for guest posts are in the computer programming/website design/gadgetry fields. Here are three that aren't: Make a Living Writing pays $50 per guest post and is looking for posts about writing. Read Learn Write also pays $50/post and is looking for blogs on the topics of reading, writing and learning. Writers' Weekly pays $60/post. When writing a blog post, think 'is this blog post going to help writers make money'? If the answer is yes, odds are that…
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