3 Ways you can change the world with your talents

Inspirational, Writing
This summer I've talked a lot about the power each individual has to create change in the world. I've even pointed out some awesome non-profits you can donate to or volunteer with to support literacy and creativity. But what if you don't have any money? What if you're already struggling to find time in your schedule for writing, let alone volunteering? Or maybe you just want to find a way your talent for writing can make the world a better place before you get rich and famous(which you totally will, OBVIOUSLY). Having a creative talent drastically increases the amount of influence you can have on the world around you. Believe it or not, you don't need a lot of time or money to change the world. In fact, I've already…
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A Prompt with a Story

Prompts, Short Fiction, Writing
Sometimes, life throws a curve ball at you. Sometimes it hurts the head, sometimes it hurts the brain, and sometimes it hurts the soul. On occasion, it hurts all three. When life is feeling particularly nasty, two or three of these curve balls are lobbed at you, and you're expected somehow to figure everything out. I've had a couple of those curve balls to deal with this week. Some strange confessions from some very old friends have rocked my world, and I'm still recovering. My mind doesn't slow down at times like these and sleeping becomes difficult. I'm putting pieces of a new world together in my mind because the old one is apparently broken. And it's uncomfortable. It's a painful sensation. In a way it's a mixed blessing. What…
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Changing Your Mindset to Change Your Life

Novels, Writing, Writing: The Process
When working to achieve your goals, it's good to remember that how you think about your goals is as important as the goals themselves. I'm not just talking about Breaking Down Big Goals, I'm talking about optimism versus pessimism in a sense. Not optimism towards the world-I still have a very bleak worldview-but optimism towards yourself. I'm talking about focusing on positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement. Thinking 'I Can' and 'I Will' instead of 'I Can't' and 'I won't' Everybody's told you to make sure that your goals are concrete and achievable. What they haven't told you is how much your thinking can damage your progress. I'll use a very personal example. Until recently, I've always had relationship problems. I never gave any of my relationships longer than six…
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