How committed are you to building a successful writing career?

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Everyone says they're committed to their goals, but how many actually take regular, massive action to achieve them? How many people are actually committed enough to come home from their day jobs and work for hours on an art project, a novel, a side business? We hear about these people all the time--people who work full time and still spend 20 hours a week building their business until they're able to quit that full time job comfortably. People who put themselves through college or university by working full time and still get excellent marks. People who put their entire lives on hold and spend 80 hours a week working to release a new project or create a new business. We hear about them all the time,┬ábut the people who actually…
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Making A Commitment to Yourself

Writing, Writing: The Process
Over the last few weeks I've talked a lot about creating-and meeting-your writing goals. I've made it clear that 2011 is going to be a year of Discipline in my writing. But it's important to remember that while writing is certainly a part of me and always will be, there are other aspects of life where I need to put in effort and set goals. Taking care of me is the most important factor here, and I must remember that taking care of me doesn't just mean focusing on my writing. So what else do I need to focus on to take care of me? Well, it's a pretty basic list: School This one is the obvious one and, depending on your standpoint, it is the most important thing for…
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