Dealing with School/Work Related Interruptions

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School and work are both important, but focusing on one or the other to the exclusion of all else can be dangerous. We're often told to put these things above all else, which can lead to self-neglect and even self-hatred. Capitalism tells us to focus on what makes us money and ignore that which nourishes the soul. Since these beliefs have been drilled into us since we were kids, they're difficult to ignore. Unfortunately work and/or school will probably always be factors in your life. The key is to make sure that they don't interrupt your writing time more than absolutely necessary. So how do you keep school/work out of your writing time? 1. Don't take on extra responsibilities. If you don't have to stay at work late, don't. If…
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Eliminating Guilt

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Today I'd like to start with an item that didn't make it on last week's list but that's at the core of why many of us don't write. It's the guilt we feel when we're writing and we think we should be doing something else, the guilt we feel when we refuse other activities in order to write. It's particularly acute when dealing with family and close friends, or when faced with the many tasks of running a business. This guilt is a double edged sword because most of us also feel guilty when we don't write. But this guilt does us no good. It weighs us down and we spend time focused on being guilty that could be spent working on our writing, or doing all the other things…
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