Nanowrimo Author Interview: Elaine Corvidae

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In the spirit of both Halloween and Nanowrimo, today I'm interviewing Elaine Corvidae, author of multiple novels and short story collections, some of which are horrific and others of which aren't. I'm very honoured to have her here today and I hope you are too. 1. Can you tell us a bit about your books? I write science fiction and fantasy novels about shape-shifters, vegetarian wizards, barbarian warrior women, and angry faeries. My upcoming release, Hunter’s Crown (due out January 2012 from Mundania Press, LLC) is the fifth in my Shadow Fae series and was largely written during Nanowrimo 2010. 2. I understand that at least one of your books came from Nanowrimo. When did you first discover Nanowrimo, and what convinced you to sign up? Way back when, some…
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