MuseItUp! Author Interviews: Ginger Simpson

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Today's author is Ginger Simpson of MuseItUp, whose book, Hurricane Warning, was published with MuseItUp on November First, 2010. This interview was done and put away before the book's publication. About the Author: Ginger retired in 2003 to devote more time to her writing but soon discovered there is much more to being an author than just penning a novel; you have to promote and market yourself. Amidst the time spent online, blogging, chatting, and posting excerpts and blurbs, she also enjoys time with her eight-year-old grandson, Spencer. He's the light of her life, and she's inspired by the way he's overcome hurdles that autism has put in his path. Ginger may never be a NY Times best-selling author, but she'll settle for being Spencer's "Nee Nee." ~Can you tell…
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