Writing Goals 2013

Goal setting, Writing
In the last month I've been talking a lot about goals. So have thousands of other people--so many that you might even be sick of hearing about it. Well, for those of you who are sick with new years resolution talk, I'm sorry, but please bear with me. Today I'd like to share my writing goals for the next year with you both so that I can be held accountable to what I'm doing over the next year and so that you can see why I chose each goal and get an idea how to structure your own list of writing goals for the year. Goals 2013 Finish editing Moonshadow's Guardian--This has been on my list forever. It's been shunted aside due to injury, Nanowrimo and post-Nanowrimo burnout, but I'm…
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Creating Goals That Match Your Definition of Success

Goal setting, Inspirational, Writing
In light of the upcoming new year, I've been talking a lot about success lately. I've talked about how to define your success and how to identify the keys to your success. Now that you have an idea of what your success looks like, it's time to figure out how you're going to move towards that goal in 2013. Every writer needs goals. Without goals, you have no idea where you're going--and no idea what accomplishments to celebrate. But creating your own success--and nobody else is going to do this for you, so it's crucial you focus on this--doesn't come from a list of goals chosen at random. It comes from a list that is designed to get you closer to your own definition of success, based on the keys…
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