Advice from a Caterpillar

Nanowrimo, Writing
Hello, author. A brief introduction should be in order. I'm Mr. Caterpillar, and I first tried this NaNoWriMo thing in 2008. I had been aware of the event since many years prior to that, but 2008 was when I finally tried in earnest to do what I had been pretending to do since I was in single digits of age. Using an electronic typewriter, and a lot of encouragement, I would put up to one single paragraph on a sheet of paper and consider that a "page" of writing. After ten "pages" or so, I had written a "book". The rest of the page was left open for illustrations. I was usually the star of this story, and various friendly talking caterpillars of different shapes and sizes were something I…
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What Makes You Ecstatic About Nanowrimo?

Nanowrimo, Novels, Writing, Writing: The Process
Today's guest is also the main admin of the Toronto Nanowrimo website, Errol--who is also already a winner with over 50, 000 words! * * * * Back in the day, I learned about NaNoWriMo from a Fan Fiction site. It was the most awesome challenge ever and even though I was horribly late, I signed up immediately. It changed how I did things. It changed how I approached creative projects. However I am not here to talk about that. I am here to tell you to grasp joy. Do you remember when you first heard about NaNoWriMo? Do you remember the trepidation, the elation, the first time experiences that brought about the determination to continue doing NaNoWriMo? Or are you going through it now? I utterly love NaNoWriMo. I…
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