The last 10 years

Inspirational, Nanowrimo, Writing
Today's goal is to learn more about your setting with an eye towards things that specifically influence your story. The idea is that elements from the history you create today will be implemented in your novel and might help give it a better shape and you some more knowledge on the locale. So grab a pen and paper and write about what's happened in your chosen setting over the last ten years. Depending on your story, this setting could be as large as a world or as small as a single nobleman's house. What's important is that you find a character who was old enough to be fully aware and have knowledge of the world during the last ten years, and get them to explain the history to you in…
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Studying History For Inspiration

Novels, Short Fiction, Writing: The Process
A few weeks ago, I wrote a short story entitled Birth of a Vampire. It takes place in Scotland, around 700 A.D., as the last of Paganism was fading from the country. It's the first of several stories meant to travel with the vampire-Thomas-around the world and through the ages. This series of short stories is going to be my most research-heavy project yet. I'm not dreading all the legwork though-I'm excited, and I'm getting new inspiration every couple of pages. I believe that everyone should study history, especially writers. History is a study of humanity, showing our patterns and our ways of thinking. More than the names and dates, the people and the places, it says a lot about humanity as a whole. And basic human nature hasn't changed…
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