Self Confidence For Writers Part 6: Final Thoughts

Mental Health, Self care for writers
When you've been writing for five, ten, fifteen years and have yet to see more than a little extra pocket money from your effort, it's easy to feel like you've accomplished nothing. And it's completely natural to think about giving up once in a while. It would certainly be easier to do just about anything else. Over the past few weeks I've discussed how various factors impact your self confidence, how to deal with different situations and what routines you can build to permanently improve your self confidence. These strategies are all useful, but the best way to build your self confidence is to make consistent progress towards your life goals. We all have issues, things we want to change about ourselves. Many of us also have big career dreams…
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Self Confidence For Writers Part 2: The Benefits of Daily Practice

Last week we discussed the issue of self confidence for writers. Most creative people and certainly every writer I've ever known--and most of the ones I've read books by--have struggled with their self confidence. It's hard to stay confident in yourself when you spend a few years around people who are constantly saying that you're worthless or useless, and even harder when your work gets rejected. Over the next few weeks I'm going to give you what I hope is a comprehensive guide to building your self confidence. Most of my advice will be designed to give you confidence in your writing, but having confidence in one area of your life always helps you become more confident in other areas of your life. You might not believe you're going to…
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