Self Confidence For Writers Part 4: Coping with Criticism

Mental Health
I've talked before about the rules of critique courtesy, but there's a big difference between responding nicely to your critiquer and handling the critique well on an emotional level. There are also many different forms of criticism you're bound to face throughout your life. Everybody faces criticism, and we all know how much it can hurt. As such, our first instinct is often to ignore the criticism, let it go like water off our backs. Sometimes this is helpful--sooner or later you're bound to encounter unfair criticism or a critique that isn't useful in any way--but often it's actually counter productive. Even the harshest criticism often has a grain of truth, and if you ignore the criticism altogether, you don't learn how to make yourself a better person or how…
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13 Ways to improve your day — and your life

Self care for writers
For many writers, life is a constant struggle. Those of us whose books remain unpublished after years of work doubt our ability to write and wonder why we started. Those who have found success fear with each book that their chain of success will be broken. Many of us also struggle with depression. Many writers don't make a living on their work and instead have jobs they hate--or at least jobs that don't fulfill them but are necessary to pay the bills. While I'm lucky enough to be working from home as a freelance writer, I've struggled with depression for years and I may not ever fully conquer it. But now I spend most of my time happy and enjoying life. You may need something more drastic than anything on…
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