Mythology 101

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You're not going to be writing any actual myths today-unless you choose to-but it is important to take a look at the mythology of your world. Today's questions are designed to help you make your world a little more complex, and to give any religious characters you might have some more depth. Mythology is my favourite part of worldbuilding, so don't be surprised if this exercise takes you a bit longer than usual. It's not just that it's my favourite-there are a million different things you can explore with mythology. Questions&Recommended Reading ~What do your Gods do in mythology that lend credibility to their character? If you've already done Religion 101, then you have an idea of what your gods represent. A pretty good one at that. Now consider the…
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Prompt of the Day

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Tomorrow we're going to do an exercise on Mythology. Mythology is one of my favourite aspects of worldbuilding, and I could write an entire workshop about creating mythology. I'm excited to get started on the subject. Today's prompt is completely unrelated though. If you have any questions about mythology, now is the time to ask them. Write 750-1000 words from your villain's PoV about loss.
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